Earlier Research

Deliberative Global Governance of Climate Change

2009-2012, Australian National University (with John S. Dryzek)

This project drew on cutting edge democratic theory to evaluate the existing global governance of climate change, and to prescribe possible reforms to enhance its legitimacy and effectiveness. The research involved extensive original analysis of multilateral and networked governance arrangements, including over eighty interviews with diplomats, civil society, and the private sector. This study was published in early 2014 in a book titled Democratizing Global Climate Governance (Cambridge University Press).

The Diffusion of International Climate Governance Norms

2005-2009, University of Adelaide

My doctoral research was an analysis of the diffusion of international climate governance norms, and included case studies on Australia, India, and Spain. Climate change is a global phenomenon that requires a global response, and yet climate-change governance depends on the ability of individual states to respond to a long-term, uncertain threat. Although states are routinely criticized for their inability to respond to such threats, the problems that arise from their attempts to respond are frequently overlooked. My research showed how these countries (representative of energy exporters, energy importers, and inefficient energy consumers) have struggled to integrate global norms around climate-change governance with their own deeply unsustainable domestic systems, leading to profoundly irrational ecological outcomes. This research was published as a book titled Institutionalizing Unsustainability: The Paradox of Global Climate Governance (University of California Press, 2013).

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