Democratizing Global Climate Governance. Cambridge: University of Cambridge Press. (Written with John S. Dryzek)

Institutionalizing Unsustainability: The Paradox of Global Climate Governance. Berkeley: University of California Press. Available as a digital download:

Journal Articles

Representing Green Radicalism: The limits of state-based representation in global climate governance. Review of International Studies. 40(1): 177-201 (2014)

Governing Climate Technologies: Is there room for democracy? Environmental Values 22 (5): 567-587 (2013)

The Discursive Democratization of Global Climate Governance. Environmental Politics 21(2): 189-210. (2012 – authored with John S. Dryzek)

The legitimacy of multilateral climate governance: a deliberative democratic approach. Critical Policy Studies 6(1): 1-18. (2012 – authored with John S. Dryzek)

Global Democracy and Earth System Governance. Ecological Economics 70: 1865–1874. (2011 – authored with John S. Dryzek)

India and international norms of climate governance: a constructivist analysis of normative congruence building. Review of International Studies 37: 997-1019. (2011)

Cheating on climate change? Australia’s challenge to global warming norms. Australian Journal of International Affairs 63(2): 165-186. (2009)


Sharing and caring: the answer to our economic and environmental woes? SPERI Comment. May 2014

Stuck in dirty development (Reflection from the 2013 G20 Summit, St Petersburg). September 2013

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